from Kenneth F Mitchell, Euro Fine Foods 2000 Sir; So Pete Riley says there is a massive public opinion against GM products (Letters, September 28). Sorry, Pete, that is not how we read the same articles you read or are you being as inventive as those who would try to describe GM fare as Frankenstein food'? What we see is that most people are ignorant even of the abreviation itself, let alone what it represents. As with all of these matters, ignorance is bliss. Also, it is our guess that even fewer could spell it correctly. Let us first say that people carried along on a tide of criticism and false facts from the press, lobby groups and others have been scared witless into saying they reject GM foods. That having been said, please, Pete, produce for me one iota, one shred, one modicum of evidence that GM foods are bad for us humans, by showing us tangible evidence which we can see, touch and understand as directly related to the consumption of GM foods by humans, and we will stand in line with you. Perhaps you may wish to start your search in America where we are told GM foods have been available for just short of 50 years? Unless or until that time, give GM a chance to prove itself or not as the case may be, or come up with real evidence which can be validated. Yes, Pete, now is the time to put up or shut up. {{COMMENT & LETTERS }}