Having wrested my cans of Go-Go Passion from the other women in the office ­ who, on hearing of their "Viagra-esque" properties, fell on them with determination ­ I chilled them and prepared to carry them to the wilds of the north for Hogmanay. I saved them until after the bells, when the real dancing would start, by which time I had already enjoyed a glass or two of champagne. I drank two cans, one after the other, without bothering to pour them into a glass, and waited for the effects. I quite liked the taste of Go-Go Passion, but then I also like the taste of drinks such as Irn-Bru, Dr Pepper and Red Bull, so rather unusual flavours don't put me off. The 250ml size is handy as it's not too much and, if you are thirsty, you can drink two cans fairly easily. In terms of cost, £1.35 for that size is quite good value compared to the other energy drinks on the market, and makes the brand more accessible. I am outside the age range of Go-Go Passion's target market of 18 to 30 year old consumers, so I didn't find the packaging very appealing ­ I felt a bit too old for it. The claims of "immediate increase in energy, alertness and sex drive" would seem to be overstated. I did experience a surge of energy, as you do with other energy drinks, and the caffeine certainly increases alertness, but none of this happened "immediately". As for its claim to "get girls going", this girl would advise those seeking that type of stimulation to pursue a different avenue­ Go-Go Passion didn't cause me any sleeplessness. I drank another can in the morning and found it was pretty good at quenching thirst. Overall, even though it is slightly better value for money than other energy brands, I won't be rushing out to stock my fridge with it. {{P&P }}