Deodorant manufacturer Guaber has launched a new concept in body odour control in the UK market.
The all-over body anti-odourant, called Bionsen Deo Total Body Active Minerals, contains 20g of odourising mineral crystals inside a 50ml pump spray bottle.
Consumers have to add water to the bottle and shake to create a deodorising liquid.
The bottle can be refilled up to five times, giving 185ml of
deodorising liquid for each set of crystals.
The crystals have deodorising properties and are anti-bacterial to prevent bacteria that feed on sweat causing body odour.
Rolling out now to retailers, including Tesco and Waitrose, the product is perfume-free and contains no alcohol or aluminium chloride. Graham Mountford, Guaber’s UK managing director, said: “In Italy, the launch was an immediate success. Sales exceeded E500,000 in the first six weeks.”
Guaber plans to support the launch with a £1.5m TV ad campaign in the spring.