Chocoholics looking for a healthier hit will welcome Guylian’s latest boxed chocolates. Guylian Extra Shells retain the distinctive seashell shape and hazelnut praline filling of the originals but the new range uses dark chocolate with very high levels of antioxidants.

The chocolate is made using the Acticoa production process, which retains more of the polyphenols naturally found in cocoa beans than in the standard process, the company said.

“Eating just two of our new Sea Shells can deliver 60% of your daily requirement of antioxidants,” said UK managing director Kevin Toms. “We believe this will appeal to both existing fans of Guylian and also bring new consumers into the brand.”

To try and tap into a new audience Guylian Extra Shells are being launched both in a standard 250g box, rsp £4.49 and a 125g trial box containing 11 chocolates, rsp £2.29.