Guylian is planning to take a giant leap out of the chocolate box and into the alcohol market with the launch of Guylian Praliné Cream Liqueur.
Guylian, which is famous for its seashell-shaped Belgian chocolates, will be selling its liqueur in a 700ml seahorse-shaped bottle.
The company is aiming to extend distribution into grocery and off-trade outlets before the Christmas period.
The liqueur will be sold initially with a 125g box of chocolates (rsp: £14.99).
Carl Krefting, chairman of Guylian UK, said: “The cream liqueur has been received very positively in our European research. We expect it to help drive growth in the premium UK cream liqueur sector.”
The launch will be supported by a marketing programme this summer, which will be in addition to a £1m spend on the Guylian confectionery brand in 2005.