It's reassuring to see high powered executives indulging in a bit of tomfoolery of an evening.
Take, for example, a group of suppliers pictured at a get-together in a top Glasgow restaurant, organised by Scottish Enterprise.
Scofro Scottish Quality Foods group chairman Stanley Bernard sports a luscious pair of lips on his forehead. Libby Woodhatch, chief executive of Seafood Scotland, wears a fetching handmade paper doily.
And Wicken Fen Wholesome Foods MD Paul Weeks wears a delightful purple silk cravat, borrowed from a fellow guest, and naturally rosy cheeks.
The three were playing with Forfeit biscuits produced by fellow Scottish supplier MissChief, based on the fortune cookies concept. Forfeits include "lapdancing on the person with least hair". The cookies are due in Sainsbury from the autumn.