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SIR; Time and again I read about PayPoint giving poor margins to retailers and big boys taking out terminals ('Wineflair war on terminals,' The Grocer, May 13, p12).

However, while debate on the low margins often flares up, it never gathers enough momentum and dies, leaving small retailers to continue doing a lot of work for very unfair returns. It is high time that someone with experience in dealing with the likes of PayPoint took up this cause for the good of small ­retailers who have no collective voice and are suffering at the hands of PayPoint.

I hope some leading trade personality can take this task on board and keep knocking at the right doors until the ­desired results are achieved.

Before someone says 'if you're so unhappy, why don't you just dump your PayPoint terminal', I must point out that, unfortunately, we can't afford to lose the footfall - or even the ­miserly returns it brings in. We just want a ­decent return for our work.