The Hershey Company has made Euro Food Brands its official importer and distributor as it mounts a fresh assault on the UK.

The US confectionery giant, which was touted as a potential suitor for Cadbury last year, already has a UK presence but only a handful of its 60-odd products are available, including Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Hershey's Kisses.

There were clear growth opportunities to boost Hershey's UK presence and introduce more of its brands to the market, said Euro Food Brands MD Stephen Barlow.

"Hershey's has a phenomenal potential in the UK market with such a portfolio of iconic brands," he added. "We're already looking at exciting developments for 2011 to provide clients and consumers with unique offerings."

British chocolatiers claimed they were unconcerned by the move. "Hershey's chocolate is an acquired taste," said one. "The milk powder it uses goes through a process that makes it taste sour to British palates. Just as the Swiss and Belgians mock our chocolate, so we look down on US chocolate."