Indian drinks producer Radico Khaitan, which recently entered into a UK joint venture, plans to launch a box pack containing a selection of its spirit brands in pouches.
The High 5 packs contain either five or ten sachets of spirits such as vodka, rum and whisky, each of which are 60ml in size and 42.8% abv. A spokeswoman said the product would be ideal for a picnic or outdoor event, and would be priced at £8 for a pack of ten.
The High 5 packs include sachets of dark and white 8PM Bermuda Rum, 8PM blend of rare malts, Old Admiral brandy and Magic Moments vodka.
The company is one of the biggest drinks producers in India, with a portfolio that includes X Beer, a 5.2% lager brewed in Germany, and Scotland Bruce Whisky.
The spokeswoman said Radico also plans to hit the UK with bottled versions of its Contessa Rum and Magic Moments vodka.
India continues to battle with the EU on product definition for whisky.