Hook Norton, the family-run brewery established in 1849, has unveiled a rebranding programme for the first time in the history of the company, with an investment of £250,000.
The brewery is taking the bold step of replacing its traditional 500ml bottles with modern slimline versions in order to appeal to more drinkers and to better suit the dining-with-beer occasion.
Hook Norton has also invested in changes to its label and image design to convey a more modern approach, while still maintaining its heritage. The logo also better resembles its pump clip in pubs.
“Retailers have started to move towards local beers, with consumer demand growing for
locally sourced products,” said Mark Payne, sales and marketing director of Hook Norton’s distributor, Vertical Drinks.
The marketing of the brand started with an investment into the brewery itself before the current roll-out, which has already snared listings for its key brand, Old Hooky, in Asda, with Unwins to follow.
The brand investment will continue with a push on distribution as well as an expansion of on-trade locations.
“I think the new image is really going to help get it into the retailers and I believe it is something really innovative, especially having your own embossed bottle,” said Payne.
The brewer is also renaming its ‘Generation’ 4% abv ale, which is to become ‘303’ to commemorate and coincide with St George’s Day, and marking the year when the saint died.
Brewery tours are also an important element of its marketing, and the company took 5,000 people round its plant last year.
Hook Norton brewed 20,000 barrels of beer between 2003 and 2004.
Sonya Hook