A Shetland project aims to develop the farming of sea urchins.
Sea urchin roe is regarded as the most expensive seafood in the world.
Ben Wilcock of UK Scallops wants to moor two 10-metre cages in the bay of Hillswick, in Northmavine, to experiment with farming sea urchins.
He has marine development permission for a three-year trial, which is a diversification of his scallop farming business.
Local residents have objected to the farm which would be in one of Shetland’s most popular beauty spots.
The Wilcock family has said that moving the sea urchin venture further out to sea would require more solid cages, which would make the experiment far too expensive.
“We as a family have thought this through very thoroughly. This is purely and simply an experiment.
“If the experiment works the business would be moved to the outer voe.”