Archos AV 700 TV: from £500

This is not an AV 700. In fact, it's not even a personal media player. This is an MDVR - a mobile digital video recorder. To Stuff's knowledge it's the first device of its kind anywhere.

While this device plays the video, music and Morphun games files that the original AV 700 had a lot of fun with and packs the same vast 7in screen, this all-new AV 700 also has two digital TV tuners.

It's much more than just a television and PMP. Like its predecessors, it can record directly from external video sources via its composite input. But it doesn't need to be linked up to anything else to record - it can do the business from its internal digital tuners and aerial, which pick up the various Freeview channels. So you can record What The Romans Did For Us while working on the latest issue of Stuff and then enjoy it while on the train ride home.

The two tuners work in unison to provide TV ­reception anywhere with a good Freeview signal, at crazy ­motorway speeds. Better still, you can schedule ­television ­recordings from the EPG and store up to 35 hours of footage on the 40GB HD.

And if you don't have a Freeview set-top box, the AV 700 TV can link to your telly and serve that purpose.

Tangent DAB Table Radio £190

You wait millennia for a DAB radio to come along and then you get loads of them. The classy Tangent has a piano gloss finish - plastic that's buffed by the soundwaves of a thousand pianists playing Chopsticks.

Kodak Easyshare V610 £350

The compact camera crowd's bragging rights have parachuted into Kodak's camp. The V610 is the first compact snapper to incorporate 10x optical zoom (38mm-380mm) and Bluetooth for wireless image transfer.

Apple Macbook: from £800

If you really have to work the Macbook has a nippy Intel Core Duo Processor, up to 2GB of RAM, 120GB of hard-disk space, iSight webcam and 802.11g wireless. But the screen's weeny and it's quite hilariously heavy.