Sony VPL-VW100

When it comes to watching movies we'll take an eight-foot image over a 32-inch screen any day of the week. And when it comes to producing good-looking audio-visual kit, Sony has it licked. However, not only is the VPL-VW100 a work of serious projection art, it also boasts some heavy-hitting technology too. This LCD unity employs Sony's proprietary SXRD (Silicon X-tal Reflective Display) panel technology to deliver a true hi-def resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, perfect for 1080p images and next-gen DVD players.

Despite its LCD heritage, the Sony produces an ultra-clean and disturbingly detailed picture. With a claimed contrast ratio of 15,000:1 the VPL-VW100 casts an image awash with both brilliant whites and deep, deep blacks. Vibrant and natural colours are rendered with ease, while facial textures and skin tones are ­eerily realistic.

In short, this is one of the best projectors for tech appeal with some of the sharpest home pictures ever seen.


Resolution: 1920x1080

HD-Ready: Yes

Dimensions: 500x180x580mm

Weight: 19kg

Cost: £7,000

Sales: 08705 111999

ProjectDesign Action Model Two

There aren't many projectors we'd consider selling our souls for but this Norwegian beauty is tempting. The Model Two is an HD-ready design, with component video and DVI inputs. It also has 'RealColor' technology.

Sales: 08000 751 686

SIM2 HT3000

The HT3000 is an attractive beast, kitted out with Texas Instruments' latest chipset and capable of super-quick image processing. It also packs in SIM2's proprietary colour management software.

Sales: 01825 750850

InFocus IN72

The IN72 will accept a hi-def signal, though its HDMI input bit won't display all the detail because of its lowly 850x480 resolution. But for the budget price of £650, it gives a stellar picture performance.

Sales: 01423 359 054