Around 85% of Northern Ireland's food and drink exports are destined for British customers, earning more than £700m for the province. Its most important industry in terms of sales and employment, Northern Ireland's food and drink sector grew by 50% during the late 1990s, reflecting a new wave of investment in innovation and production techniques. This is the country which repackaged the humble spud and sold it as a ready meal to the English; moved into flavoured mineral waters before the main brands took hold; and established a centre of excellence for starter food businesses with big ideas but too little capital to see them through. With emphasis on differential flavour, value and on-time delivery, Trade International ­ NI's main export and trade body ­ brings 12 Northern Irish food and drink companies to IFE where it will showcase traditional products alongside some of the more up to the minute developments. Speciality breads share the stand with cheeses and scampi, but space is also given to organic foods and snacks for the health conscious, plus microwave meals. Among those exhibiting, The Classic Mineral Water Company leads the Irish market in both flavoured and non flavoured mineral water with its Classic and Silverwood brands. It is also a significant own label producer for some of the largest multiples in the UK. Producers of breakfast cereals, dried fruit, nuts and snacks; dairy products; frozen egg products; bakery products, including part baked, dips, mayonnaises and marinades; soups; salads; seafood; health drinks and frozen vegetables will also feature. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}