Food watchdogs have warned that mini-cup jelly sweets containing the illegal and life-threatening additive - konjac - have been found on sale in the UK.

The Food Standards Agency said that Jellyace products were banned in Europe last year following the deaths of 18 children worldwide who choked on the sweets. The gelling agent konjac does not easily dissolve and can become stuck in the throat.

The Jellyace products - Lychee Flavour Konjac and Buko Pandan - come in a dome-shaped plastic cup with a peel-off foil lid, sold in 192g packs each containing 12 sweets.

They are known to have been sold at shops in London, Leeds, Swansea, Rhyl, Oswestry, Watford, Epsom and Castleford. Local shops across the UK are being visited, to remove any of the illegal products.

Jellyace Buko Pandan labelled as containing locust bean gum - an alternative gelling agent - are legal, the FSA said.