Describe your background and responsibilities...
I worked for BP Retail (UK) in management positions for six years. I then became executive director of one of the largest law firms in Switzerland for three years before joining Swiss Délice as sales and marketing manager in 2001. I’m responsible for sales and marketing of the Swiss Délice brand in the UK and North America. This involves researching the right markets for the brand, finding out what customers want and then developing products, sales teams and operations to support that market.

Describe the UK development of the Swiss Délice brand and projects you were involved with...
We launched the brand in June 2003 and managed to secure listings in major multiples. Being a relative newcomer to the UK market, our focus continues to be on increasing our distribution. Listings in Selfridges, Somerfield and Waitrose were achieved in June 2003. We have achieved listings this year in Tesco and Sainsbury thanks to our agent, which is A Taste of Switzerland.
How have you been involved in the new listings at Sainsbury and Tesco?
A Taste of Switzerland manages customer relations and we both work to ensure we make the process as smooth as possible by listening to and learning from buyers. I believe they see us as partners. Once the range is agreed, marketing strategies must be developed and arrangements must be made for the supply chain administration and logistics.

What issues does running the UK business from overseas raise?
Running a business from overseas is simple as long as one has good partners. A Taste of Switzerland and our PR, marketing and logistics teams are first class and in the relevant markets. That, coupled with my frequent visits, makes the business manageable.