Describe your career to date...

I started at British Airways and helped to set up a bureau dedicated to the needs of sports and entertainment professionals.

After that I was involved in setting up a business travel agents and then I was invited to create a music-marketing programme for Dr Martens’ AirWair. Next James Gordon, who had created Jello-Shots, asked me to get involved with GoCo. We have since taken the brand from concept – making it in our kitchens at home – to reality. It is now mass-produced and sold in shops.

How has the last year been for GoCo?

We launched the adult energy chocolate bars in autumn last year after a successful seed marketing campaign that began in Ibiza. The press coverage was amazing, with Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong writing about it extensively on his Clubbing page in the Evening Standard.

We’ve received good trade support from retailers, including Whistlestop, Tesco, Sainsbury and Safeway, which have been willing to try something innovative.

What is your connection with the Comedy Terrorist?

GoCo contains something we call ‘adult energy’ and as a bit of fun we wanted to celebrate examples of adult energy excesses. So we created the Catalogue of Ridiculous Records. A friend tipped us off about Comedy Terrorist before his Windsor Castle exploits and we asked him to work with us – for instance doing the Osama Bin Laden look-a-like walking down a busy London street dressed in a gold ball gown and high heels.

What are your plans for GoCo’s future?

The National Union of Students has just listed GoCo and we are looking forward to targeting students who have displayed a strong liking for the brand. And there are some very obvious product extensions for us to pursue.