Sir; The organics bandwagon has come to town and is gathering speed, with the offer of tempting riches at the end of the road. Climbing onto this bandwagon offers the promise of more than just fat profits. It promises an image that says you are a caring forward- thinking brand, manufacturer or retailer. It shows you are in tune with the consumer's desire to live a guilt free, yet indulgent, lifestyle. But bandwagons are notorious for leaving their passengers in a ditch. To avoid the pitfalls, it is essential to take out insurance. This is simple, really. Make sure your organics products are what they claim to be ­ organic. Each week, the number of organic products available to consumers increases. Many carry independent accreditation from a host of organic police', while many do not. How long will it be before the popular press, which at the moment is generally supportive of the organics movement, starts to examine just how organic these products really are and looks at the credentials of the independent accreditations they boast on the packaging. If you are a food manufacturer or retailer tempted to jump on the organics bandwagon but feel that some accreditation schemes, such as the Soil Association, are just too difficult to achieve, beware. Companies that are genuine in their approach to organics will secure even the most stringent accreditation criteria because they are truly organic and deserve the endorsement. Those who see organics as a quick fix, mass market moneymaker will be lucky to make it to the corner, let alone find a pot of gold at the end of the road. Jo Rimmer London {{LETTERS }}