PR Brands is putting £1.5m behind a new TV campaign for its leading Irish whiskey Jameson. Pernod Ricard's UK subsidiary is launching a six week campaign which begins on Monday in the Central TV region, Channel 4 and Sky. This is part of a three year campaign behind the brand which includes £500,000 spent earlier this year. This level of support is bearing fruit. While overall whisky market volumes are up 1%, the latest ACNielsen figures for Jameson show its annual volumes up 8%. General manager Ian Tottman said: "This is an all year round brand and it is not pigeonholed as a niche product. In comparison with Scotch whisky its consumers are younger and there are proportionally more women." To boost sales in the independents and cash and carries, a new gift tin has been introduced. This will retail at the usual bottle price of £13.99. Tottman is confident the brand will avoid the price cutting which affects the category at this time of year but he said: "This could change if it becomes retailer led." PR Brands is also reaping the benefits of sustained support behind its key Scotch malt whisky offering Aberlour. ACNielsen reported its annual volumes were up 49%. The impetus has been maintained by a direct mail campaign at the end of the summer and a follow up Christmas incentive to 5,000 new drinkers offering £1 off vouchers. Tottman said: "This is now better listed by all the major retailers and has a strong role to play in their malt whisky offering." There is also good growth for another of the company's Irish whiskeys. Bushmills' volumes are up 26%. Tottman said: "We have started to increase the emphasis behind the brand and are building distribution. Now's the time to strengthen the communication process." One of its fastest growing development brands is Havana Club rum, which is riding a wave of interest in things Cuban and Latin American. It became the fastest growing white spirit in the world this year and PR Brands' own data puts volume sales in the UK up 68%. This has been boosted by new listings in Sainsbury and Waitrose. {{DRINKS }}