Budget shaving brand Bic has revamped its packaging, introduced a new twin blade offering and extended its contract with former England rugby captain Martin Johnson to act as brand ambassador.
It is also aiming to simplify its offering by calling the classic orange single blade razor Bic 1
and the twin blade Bic 2. The latter will join the range at an rsp of £1.69 for a 10-pack - 70p dearer than the same sized pack of the original offering.
Joanne Potter, category marketing manager for Bic shavers, said: “Consumers spend just over a minute in front of the shaving fixture making their purchase decision.
“With this in mind we have simplified the product range and also made the packaging more impactful. The orange branding will encourage recognition and product familiarity.”
Meanwhile, Johnson’s signature will extend the rugby star’s presence beyond Bic razors to the company’s kids’ colouring range, marker pens and its Megalighter.