Ferrero UK is predicting that its new launch, Kinder Bueno, will become a top 10 countline in the UK. It is spending £4.5m to support the new arrival, kicking off with TV ads and sampling among 120,000 consumers on February 14. Ferrero expects Kinder Bueno ­ a light, chocolate covered wafer with a milk and hazelnut filling (rsp 35p) ­ to appeal to 18 to 30 year olds, particularly women. This is the first time the Kinder brand ­ best known for Kinder Surprise ­ has moved beyond the kids category in the UK. Group product manager Guido Ferralasco said he was making the independent trade a priority as impulse will account for around 65% of sales at launch. 30,000 dump bins will appear in independent stores by the end of February. Dump bins and PoS are also available for multiples. Ferralasco said: "We launch fewer new products than our competitors but we have never discontinued a product. This is not a one-off limited edition and it will bring significant growth to the countline sector." Bueno has previously been available in Woolworths and has been test marketed in the Border region (where it became a top 10 countline). {{P&P }}