Nestlé is to follow a slogan change for Kit Kat with a raft of new products and a £5m TV campaign.
The confectionery giant became the latest brand owner to axe an iconic catchphrase this week when it announced that time was being called on its famous ‘Have a Break…’ tagline in favour of a new ‘Make the most of your break’ tack.
Now The Grocer has learned it is also about to ring further changes with a series of limited editions, including a new Luscious Lime white chocolate four-finger Kit Kat (rsp: 35p) and a Christmas Pudding two-finger version in multipacks available from October.
The moves follow a torrid time for Kit Kat last year as sales
plummeted by more than 9% (The Grocer Top Products Survey, December 13 2003).
Kit Kat is also set to come under further attack next month when arch rival Cadbury
launches new Dairy Milk Wafer (The Grocer, July 17, p5).
However, Nestlé has insisted it is already beginning to turn Kit Kat’s fortunes around and claims that recent innovations such as Kit Kat Kubes have helped achieve a 10% surge in sales in the last quarter.
An upmarket Kit Kat Editions range also launches next month (The Grocer, June 19, p8).
Kit Kat marketing manager Jon Lambert said such innovations would add another £20m to the brand’s value over the next year. And taking a swipe at Cadbury, he added: “We’re the only confectionery company being daring in innovation and trying new and exciting flavours.” He also dismissed the threat of Dairy Milk Wafer: “It’s not real innovation. We’ve been here before with Time Out.”
Kit Kat’s new TV campaign is set to run from mid-September until the end of October and, claimed Lambert, would make the brand a talking point again.
Sean McAllister