Kwik Save is pumping £7m into a new TV and radio advertising campaign designed to rebuild its reputation as the foremost low-price food store.
With the strapline Now that's what I call a Kwik Save', the ads have been designed to appeal to customers' cheeky sense of humour.
Each ad will feature various characters who are rescued from tricky situations by products available in-store.
The campaign features 10 different TV executions and 20 radio ads through the year in the north, the Midlands and south west, Scotland and Wales.
The ads will promote Kwik Save's newly launched own label and its cheapest-on-display range, Simply, as well as showing brands to highlight the breadth of offering in its stores.
Kwik Save's marketing director Gill McComas said the chain needed to start talking to its customers again and said the ads would reinforce the price message in a more engaging way by using humour.
"Using humour in this way is a new strategy for Kwik Save but it has emerged from better understanding of our target audiences ­ those on a budget, and busy but cost-conscious families.
"The research showed these audiences really appreciate humour, so we focused on delivering our hard-hitting price message in the funniest way possible."
McComas added: "We are confident the new advertising will encourage customers to reappraise the brand while reinforcing our price message in a distinctive way."
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