I write to thank The Grocer for publishing an excellent article about our food and nutrition card game 'EdStat - Food Groups', developed in my school's science and design technology classes ('Trump That', The Grocer, 2 June, p38).

The game scores products according to a number of different systems, including GDAs, our own gold, silver and bronze ratings and the standard, on-pack grams per 100g data.

Our target was always to involve well-known, branded products to appear on the cards in order to stimulate interest among children. At the time we were having difficulty getting food manufacturers to allow us to use their products on the cards.

Judging by the response we received following publication, many of your readers were interested and may like to receive an update on our progress.

Following publication of your article we received not only some welcome national and local publicity, but an outstanding response from the industry. I'm pleased to say we are now oversubscribed, with 58 proofs approved and ready to go to print.

Finalised, signed approval has been received from companies as diverse as Arla, Mars UK and Fabulous Bakin' Boys through to Kellogg's and Premier.

Without your article, this process would have been a good deal more protracted and may even have faltered before completion.

We received strong interest from the Year of Food and Farming following your article. It would like to distribute packs of the cards to every school in the country.

We are currently looking for sponsors and distribution partners for the game who can help us achieve this aim and will approach supermarkets and wholesalers in the next few weeks.