Simon Mowbray
Lever Fabergé's ongoing quest for even greater sales in the personal hygiene arena is continuing with major launches across two of its key brands.
The healthcare giant is introducing a range of anti-perspirants to its burgeoning Lynx collection and adding a new deodorant to its Dove portfolio.
Lynx Dry will be launched next month with a £7m through-the-line support package, part of a planned £13m marketing investment in Lynx this year.
Meanwhile, Lever is once again getting ready to flex its marketing muscle behind the Dove range with £2.5m of support earmarked for new Dove Deodorant Sensitive which the company claims is the first hypoallergenic deodorant to contain moisturising cream. The spend is part of £37m support which Lever has promised for Dove this year. Brand manager Caroline Philiponnet said Lever was looking to grow Dove's share of the deodorant market with skin care now proving a key driver within the category.
"Almost half of all UK women claim to have dry or sensitive skin and there are others who simply want to care for their skin with gentler products," said Philiponnet.
Joanna Teasdale, brand manager for Lynx, claimed more than one in three men currently used Lynx deodorant at least once a week but that some were turning away from it because it had previously failed to provide an anti-perspirant format. She said: "Some users were leaving Lynx deodorant because they required an anti-perspirant for underarm efficacy. We'll be targeting those who want an anti-perspirant that protects against sweat as well as having great fragrances.
"Our research indicated that men who had stopped using Lynx deodorant would be very tempted to revisit the brand if it offered them an anti-perspirant."
As well as being backed by a new TV campaign, next month's launch will also benefit from a major sampling campaign which will see more than two million mini aerosol samples being handed out to men.