Sue Tooth Fenpark Stores Stoke-on-Trent

?We have got a few Polish customers who shop in our store and we have even started selling a Polish newspaper but we don't stock that many food products. Our customers love borscht but they don't seem to want much more. We showed our regular customers a range of Polish food available in Booker but they said they didn't want any of it so it is unlikely we are going to expand our range in the short term. But we will always pick up new Booker leaflets to show our Polish customers in case they may want anything new it is stocking.

Space is an issue Margaret Banfield Embankment Stores Wellingborough

?Polish food is the only ethnic food range we stock at the moment. We have quite a large range and have recently expanded into Polish newspapers and beer. Most of the products we sell are canned or in jars, such as sauerkraut or stews, and we also stock bread when we can get it. Quite a few different people have approached us with various Polish foods but we get it from our local cash and carry. We probably would sell more if the demand were there, but the problem is finding space on the shelf.

Lost in translation Mahesh Shah Milco Superstore Dewsbury

?We have plenty of Polish and Hungarian customers but we don't really know what foods we need to be stocking and we are still trying to find a supplier. There is a demand for it and it will definitely sell well. The problem we have is that the Eastern European community that shops with us can't express themselves well enough to let us know what we should stock. The products all have labels in Polish so we also don't know what the food is that we are buying. We have started to stock some Polish drinks, however. We sell a lot of Nigerian food as well.