As well as leading the charge for new products with the launch of Double Cream (see page 62), Nestlé has also been flexing its branding muscles with a makeover for one its enduring favourites, Rolo.
The food and confectionery giant has backed the 64-year-old stalwart's relaunch with a £4m package, including a dedicated £1.5m media spend. New metallic wrappers are aimed at increasing on-shelf impact, and an updated logo is intended to evoke an indulgent image similar to that aimed at by Masterfoods' redesign for the Mars bar.

Swizzels Matlow has launched Txt Messages which is a development of Love Hearts. Sales director David Terry says believes that breathing new life into an old idea can match a completely original concept, any day. "We recognise the need for innovation, but we're a conservative organisation, geared to brands of heritage.
"We want a good lifespan for new products - there's no point in introducing one and it not being a winner," he says.
The company has extended other ranges with a sweet cherry & sour apple Giant New Refreshers Bar, a fruit salad Chunky Drumstick Lolly and a Mini Pig Faces Fun Gums bag.