Retailers in Wales and the south west of England suffer the least retail crime in the UK, according to the British Retail Consortium’s first-ever regional breakdown of crime figures, collated in conjunction with recovery company Retail Loss Prevention.
However, at the opposite end of the scale, retailers in London are worst hit, registering the highest number of retail crimes in the country. All other regions where retail crime is above average are in the Midlands and northern parts of England.
The findings come as the BRC prepares to release its annual crime survey on Wednesday (October 19), which details the changing costs of retail crime. BRC director general Kevin Hawkins said the implications of crime on the sector were far reaching as shop thieves had a demoralising effect on shop owners. “These individuals are often also associated with vandalism, abuse and violence.
“It is vital that we continue to work with organisations such as RLP to help retailers build up a profile of where retail crimes occur. This highlights significant problems for policing in some regions and retailers are clearly challenged by the varying profile of crime across the country.”
RLP identified the trends using data from the 50,000 civil recovery claims that it handles each year on behalf of clients, which include most of the major supermarkets.
After Wales and the south west, East Anglia was third, Scotland was fourth and the south east fifth for least number of crimes against retailers.
Rachel Barnes