Jubbly, the iconic 1950s and ’60s ice lolly, is the latest in a line of products making a comeback to fuel consumers’ retro hunger.
Jubbly, which is said to have inspired the famous Only Fools and Horses catchphrase through its ‘Luvvly Jubbly’ campaign, has been absent from the shelves for more than 20 years.
The tetrahedral-shaped lollies were launched by Calypso in the 1950s but dropped in the late ’70s. Their reappearance follows other retro sweets such as Fizz Bombs and Orange Chewits (The Grocer April 30, p61).
The Jubbly lollies remain in the unusually shaped packaging but have shrunk from their original 150ml size to 62ml, which makes them more suitable for young children to hold. They have been given a healthy makeover, now
containing real fruit juice and mineral water.
“The Jubbly name has to be among the best known in popular British culture, and we’re delighted to be able to bring it back on a product which captures the shape of the original, but is up to date in terms of taste and ingredients,” said Richard Cooke, Calypso’s marketing director. He said the lollies will be remembered by adults in their 30s and 40s. “It helps that mums will remember and buy it for their children.”
Jubbly is available in orange, strawberry, blackcurrant and tropical flavours in packs of 10 as an ambient product to be frozen at home. An on-pack promotion offers the chance to win ’60s toys such as space hoppers, Chopper bikes and yo-yos.
Stefan Chomka