Cottage Publishing, a growing player in the puzzle sector, is to suspend six titles so it can direct more resources into the best-selling magazines in its portfolio. The top seven titles will all become monthly magazines, increasing frequency from alternate-monthly, with their next issues. They are: Family Wordsearch Jumbo, monthly from February 1; Puzzle Annual, monthly from March 29; Puzzle Annual's Wordsearch, from January 25; Family Criss Cross from February 15; Family Wordsearch also from February 15; Crossword Collection, monthly from March 1; and Popular Wordsearch, monthly from February 22. In addition to increased frequency, each will be redesigned to improve its quality. Investment includes glossy, better quality laminated covers and all titles will be perfect bound. The move is the result of research and consultation with trading partners. The rationalised range will help reduce shelf space pressures for retailers and focus resources on pushing the best-selling Cottage brands. Cottage Publishing managing director, David Crane says: "We are very much aware of the problems facing the retailer today, and that is why we are working closely with this important group. Clearing retailers' shelves of our smaller titles and replacing them with more frequent, premium quality product will increase retailers' profits substantially." He adds: "We hope all retailers will take the opportunity of reaping the benefits by prominently displaying these fast-growing titles." The first of the re-designed monthlies is Puzzle Annual's Wordsearch, on sale January 25 at £1.99. This will be followed by Family Wordsearch Jumbo on sale February 1, priced £1.79. {{CTN }}