Future Publishing is adding a little sparkle to the 100th edition of PC Gamer by packaging the anniversary issue in a silver foil bag. The magazine, which goes on sale on August 2, also comes covermounted with two CD-Roms or one DVD-Rom. The anniversary issue also features the PC Gamer 2001 Top 100 Awards of PC games and an exclusive review of games, including Take 2 Interactive's long-awaited Max Payne, as well as an in-depth look at Crusader: Total War. The 100th anniversary Issue also features a celebration of the magazine's eight-year history and its position as the UK's bestselling PC games magazine. Inside, key industry figures talk about what they think of the magazine and its appeal to readers. Matthew Pierce, editor of PC Gamer, said: "It's a tribute to team members, both past and present, that PC Gamer remains the market leader as it reaches its 100th issue. "By delivering the most accurate reviews, the biggest previews and the best coverdiscs for eight years, the magazine has established an unrivalled reputation with both readers and the industry. "I'm sure it will still be going strong at issue 200." The covermounted disc includes a world exclusive ­ a playable demo of Anachronox. Distribution is by Seymour. {{CTN }}