Karen Dempsey Seagram is planning a major marketing programme for Martell in a bid to shake off the drink's Dad' image and rejuvenate the brand. A new ad campaign will break in the autumn aimed at making people think differently about the brand. Martell is also flirting with the possibility of launching a premium packed spirit, although it said it was "premature to confirm such plans". Martell brand manager Nigel Truphet confirmed the autumn push but added: "It is fair to say all spirits brands want to attract younger users and many are looking at the PPS market. He said: "We want to attract younger users but without alienating our core customer base." It recently sponsored a cocktail party at a conference hosted by CIES, The Food Business Forum, in Dublin. This was attended by the heads of manufacturing and retailing companies across the globe ­ arguably the age group and profile of Martell's traditional target audience. The cocktails that were trialled at the event included Cosmopolitan ­ with Martell, Triple Sec, cranberry juice and a splash of lime (a cocktail already popular in the US) ­ and Soleil ­ with Martell, peach liqueur, orange juice and soda water. Another blend up its sleeve is Sour, made with Martell, cane sugar and lemon juice. {{DRINKS }}