Matthew Clark has plucked an established brand from the world of fashion for a major launch into the premium packaged spirit market. The company has signed a deal with French Connection UK to use its fcuk logo under licence. The result is fcuk spirit in two flavours ­ cranberry and grapefruit, and lemon. Other flavours are in development, including a non alcoholic version. The use of an established brand which identifies with the same target audience as premium packaged spirits solved a major problem for Matthew Clark. Most of the successful pps products such as Bacardi Breezer and Smirnoff Ice, have credibility as extensions of established spirit brands. Matthew Clark has no such brand but wanted a share of the category now worth almost £1bn and still increasing volumes at 50% a year. Group marketing director Rob MacNevin said: "French Connection has created something unique with the fcuk brand and something we know key consumers find enormously appealing. "I believe fcuk spirit will be the most significant brand in the market." The concept has gone down well with buyers. Sales marketing development manager Ian Morris said: "The reaction has been better than we could have hoped for. None of the buyers has rejected it and all expect high sales. "We have an advantage over other players because this gives us an established brand. "French Connection has 60 stores and 2,000 concessions in the UK and sell a million branded T-shirts to the kind of people who buy pps drinks." Matthew Clark has set aside cash for a spring advertising campaign, but is keeping its options open in case demand jumps pre-Christmas. The brand will be officially launched on November 1 with a price in line with the market leaders of £1.39. {{DRINKS }}