Lymington based pizza specialist Doughology is confident it can trade its way out of trouble after a management buy out with a "revolutionary" new microwave pizza that tastes as good as pizza baked in an oven. The company has secured a listing at Asda. Joint md Alan Adler said: "This product has huge potential. It is notoriously difficult to produce edible microwave pizza, and the multiples are telling us this is a brand beater." Formerly known as Express Products, the company was put into administration by parent Napier Brown at the end of November. It is a leading supplier of chilled and frozen pizza to the multiples. This month, an MBO team led by joint mds Steve Jose and Adler bought the company with a mixture of private cash and a loan from Lloyds TSB, blaming Napier Brown's "excessive" overheads and increasingly diverse business portfolio for its financial problems. Doughology has also launched a new range of frozen pizza under the Frankie Dettori brand at Iceland ­ the first of a series of brand licensing deals in the pipeline. {{NEWS }}