The Food Standards Agency has renewed its warning against drinking counterfeit Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch Whisky after more bottles contaminated with high levels of methanol were found.

The FSA, Customs and Excise and police discovered counterfeit bottles of counterfeit Johnnie Walker in Berkshire last week, similar to the 50 bottles found in Hackney, London, in November 2002.

The bottles do not have neck labels while those found last year had neck labels which said ‘Distilleries’, while genuine neck labels should read ‘Distillers’.

The FSA added that rolls of counterfeit labels for Highland Pride Whisky were discovered in the same place, suggesting that counterfeit bottles of this whisky might also be on sale.

The genuine label for Hghland Pride Finest Scotch Whisky reads 1 litre whereas the counterfeit has 1 L and has 43%Vol., whereas the counterfeit has 40% vol.
The genuine product states 'BOTTLED IN SCOTLAND' whereas the counterfeit states 'PRODUCED AND BOTTLED IN SCOTLAND'
Genuine has bar code 5011311023645 whereas the counterfeit bar code is 5011311221171.
In addition, if the labels are self adhesive then they are counterfeit as genuine labels are not self adhesive.