The two youngest got the Chupsters, which was ideal as there's not that much of the raspberry ripple ice cream for parents to lick and tidy. The ice-cream is pushed up a cylindrical container and, when it has all gone, a lollipop is revealed. The kids loved it and whiled away Saturday afternoon using the container as a microphone. Well, even Britney had to start somewhere. Amy went for Soft n' Creamy ­ a tub of ice cream with a portion of candy covered chocolate beans in the lid. It is similar in concept to the Whipster, although the ice cream is vastly different. Soft n' Creamy lives up to its name but has a slightly synthetic taste, whereas the Whipster is firmer. We all wished the chocolate was milk instead of dark to make the taste more mellow, but none of this put us off having second helpings. The new Magnum Yogurt Fresh was put in the capable hands of Dad who, until then, had never understood the value of dark chocolate with fruit. He saw the light immediately. Granny and Grandpa came for Sunday lunch and what a relief not to make a pudding. We involved them in the taste test instead. The Magnum Moments were a great success with young and old. These are bite-sized pieces of ice cream with hazelnut, chocolate or caramel covered in chocolate. They are absolutely perfect for after dinner ­ offering just enough ice cream if you are a waistband-respecting adult, while, with 18 in a box, there's enough for the kids to have more. Carte d'Or yogurt ice cream with lemon and orange sauce spoiled our review a little. The children were wary due to the healthy sounding description. and they were right to be suspicious. From the unnatural way the white and fluorescent mixture is piped into the box to its effervescent aftertaste, the experience was ugly. In spite of that, however, it was a very indulgent and enjoyable weekend. Now, can anyone recommend a reliable diet? {{P&P }}