MD Foods' Harmonie Organic dairy products brand makes its TV debut on February 28 as part of a £2m support campaign ­ and claims to be the first organic brand to advertise on UK TV. Myrtle the cow and Rosie are the animated brand spokeswomen in the TV and consumer press ads, aimed at encouraging mainstream shoppers to buy organic. "Consumer awareness of organic food is high, but many are confused about what organic dairy is," said organic product manager Laurent Ponty. "The ad is designed to communicate its benefits to younger consumers." Baby yogurt is the latest addition to the brand portfolio. The three flavours are priced at £1.39 for six 50g pots and feature in the Bounty Baby Progress pack sent to 750,000 new parents. Butter, spreadable milk, cheese, yogurt and fromage frais make up the full range. MD Foods has guaranteed a market for several UK dairy farmers' milk once they have converted to organic methods. It predicts year on year growth of 70% for organic cheese, butter and spreads. {{P&P }}