Visitors and exhibitors packed the aisles at Natural Products 2000 at Olympia in London last weekend ­ a sign that the organic and health markets are becoming big business according to show organisers Full Moon Communications. Show director Robin Bines said: "What used to be seen as a niche market has now clearly become a mainstream activity for the 21st century. "The industry has come a long way from the early days when its pioneers were generally regarded as cranks!" The main thrust of the show ­ in London for the first time ­ was new products. Multiple buyers and independent shop owners alike swooped on a diverse range over 500 new food and non-food products. They included more organic yogurts from Rachel's Dairy. Greek Style with Honey and Low Fat with Vanilla were developed in response to consumer demand, but the Wholemilk with Maple Syrup variety was an accident. Operations director John Rowlands said: "The syrup was delivered instead of honey by mistake. We thought we'd try it instead of throwing it away." The 450g pots are on the shelves in May. Organic fresh soup manufacturer Joubère has launched Californian Tomato, Bacon and Blue Cheese in a 500g pot at £1.69.The company also has a new range of noodle ready meals in three varieties. Suba Soba Oriental Chicken and Oriental Vegetable Ramen and Prawn Noodles come in 650g chilled meal kits (rsp of £2.99). And premium dairy company Loseley launched its first organic products. First to be rolled out will be organic greek yogurt, cottage cheese, both low fat and luxury fruit yogurts, single and double cream and cream cheese. {{NEWS }}