Shoppers in Sale, south Manchester, are the first in the country to get a taste of how Kwik Save could look by 2004. Sale High Street has been chosen as the site of the first concept store to be developed as part of a strategy of "changing the way Britain thinks about Kwik Save". More concept stores will follow and the key learnings will be rolled back into the rest of the Kwik Save estate. The store that re-opened this week had remained closed after being damaged by fire in 1998. A key feature of the revamped 7,400 sq ft store is its bright, fresh design accentuated by the use of yellow, red and terracotta colours throughout. The windows at the front are free of posters to make the store more welcoming, while the new instore radio channel adds to the theatre. Kwik Save has created a market feel to the front of the store, while retail partners Perkins Produce and Pete Dewick's offer their fresh fruit and vegetables, Cuisine de France bread, and meat. Colourful serveover counters for Dewick's meat and deli at the end of this aisle add to the section's impact. Pricing on the grocery range remains the same as in any Kwik Save and that message is communicated throughout the store. {{NEWS }}