Front magazine from Cabal Publishing is being relaunched with September's issue, on sale August 15. The men's title, aimed at the younger end of the market, is refocusing to steer clear of celebrity-based editorial and give readers more of a participatory role instead. A spokesperson said: "For too long readers have been looking in on celebrities and journalists alike to catch a glimpse of how they live their lives. With the success of reality TV shows such as Big Brother and Pop Idol it is becoming clear that consumers of youth media' expect an involvement and subsequent ownership of their lifestyle entertainment channels." New sections in the relaunched title will include The Way We Live, Front'll Fix It and Your Shout, with the emphasis on interactivity and participation. Eoin McSorley, new editor of Front, said he had spoken to readers to find out exactly what they wanted from the magazine: "The guys I've spoken to are bored by what's out there ­ fed up of seeing yet another privileged journalist out on some fantastic trip. They want to be part of it. "The template of the Lad Mag is a 1994 idea and it's out of date. Young blokes now are more clued up than that. The 21 year olds I meet have such exposure to cable, the internet and so on that they have much wider interests than merely reading a topless celebrity mag " The new look issue has a cover price of £3.10. The re-launch is supported by an above the line magazine advertising campaign, point of sale activity throughout the country and a direct mail marketing campaign. {{CTN }}