Mary Carmichael The RAC is launching an energy drink to keep tired drivers awake at the wheel. The organisation said its surprise move had been driven by concerns over the growing number of accidents caused by driver fatigue. The caffeine-boosted drink ­ RAC 124 ­ would be an "an aid to motoring safety". Taking its name from the number of mg of caffeine in every can, the drink has the same stay-awake powers as two cups of strong coffee. Drivers who buy the £1.09 lightly carbonated, peach tea-based drink, available at garage forecourts and service stations from mid August, will be urged to pull over and down one of the 250ml cans when they feel drowsy. However, the RAC insisted its drink, which is being produced by Cott Beverage, was "not just another energy drink". RAC director Andy Mitchell said it had the backing of road safety organisations including RoSPA, the Institute of Road Safety and the DoT. He said drivers should not drink RAC 124 while driving. The drink will also be accompanied by leaflets and point of sale information. {{NEWS }}