Latest ABC circulation figures have revealed mixed fortunes in January for national newspaper sales. The Sun was in celebratory mood after adding 186,726 sales since December to achieve one of its highest circulation figures for some time. Its rivals in the national morning popular sector all recorded upturns in their sales figures during the same month. In the national morning mid market the Daily Express lost readers, taking its circulation figure below the million mark, while the Daily Mail saw an upturn of some 4.9% in sales. Most of the titles in the national morning quality sector increased their sales in December, with the exception of the Financial Times down by almost 7,000. The paper that recorded the biggest increase in sales was The Guardian, which put on nearly 23,000 copies, an increase of 5.93% month on month. The Sunday market made pleasing reading for circulation managers, with most titles seeing an increase in sales month on month. The big exception was in the national Sunday mid market, where the Sunday Express saw a 5.11% drop in sales month on month, to a figure of 879,622. National Sunday quality titles generally did well in January. The Independent on Sunday added 5.94% to its sales, while The Sunday Times put on 5.35%, bringing its sales to 1,416,080. National Daily newspaper circulation January 2001 Newspaper Av cir Mth/Mth +/-% The Mirror 2,149,422 1.82% Daily Record 603,914 0.77% Daily Star 543,461 0.99% The Sun 3,626,561 5.43% Daily Express 979,042 -2.13% Daily Mail 2,479,768 4.29% The Daily Telegraph 1,022,263 0.60% Financial Times 478,161 -1.43% The Guardian 410,152 5.93% The Independent 223,645 0.23% The Scotsman 92,873 0.25% The Times 734,220 1.49% {{CTN }}