Anne Bruce Camelot plans to maximise sales of Lotto tickets by re-distributing terminals in areas of highest demand after the National Lottery re-launch on May 18 (The Grocer, April 6). And it is making no promises that it will be able to continue favouring independents when allocating terminals after the high-profile brand revamp. Chief executive Dianne Thompson said: "The balance of terminals at 60% independent and 40% multiples is becoming more difficult to sustain as multiples are growing and buying up independents." The lottery operator will use a state-of-the-art Optimum database to measure demand for the lottery by postcode level as it chooses new sites for terminals from a waiting list of 80,000 over the course of its second seven-year franchise. Thompson said: "We will put the terminals where the sales are through Project Optimum, which looks at where people, work, live and shop. The Optimum database is the most sophisticated in Europe. It allows us to work out where the most pressing need for a terminal is." And Camelot is also taking a hi-tech approach with the top selling 5,000 Camelot retailers, who will be equipped with digital-media information screens attached to Instants dispensers following the re-launch. They will update customers on winning numbers, rollovers and funds raised for good causes. All 24,400 sales points will be refreshed with new PoS and store furniture with the Lotto name and logo and endline Don't live a little, live a Lotto' in the £14m project. Thompson said: "As with our players we have taken time to listen to our retailers and develop an exciting new look that will meet their in-store needs and give a new playing experience." {{NEWS }}