OC&C Strategy Consultants is a leading international strategy consulting firm, dedicated to providing high level assistance to senior executives in major corporations. The firm serves a wide range of clients from offices in Amsterdam, Boston, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, London, New York, Paris, Rotterdam, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Tokyo, and associated offices in Italy, Eastern Europe and South America. The food and drinks industry represents a particular area of specialisation for OC&C. The firm's experience spans virtually every product category, and clients include manufacturers, primary producers, retailers and investment institutions. OC&C's services include corporate and portfolio strategy, e-business strategy, business unit strategy, profit improvement and mergers and acquisitions support. This index was compiled by Tom Gladstone. Enquiries relating to this survey should be directed to Martin Deboo, director of OC&C Strategy Consultants, The OC&C Building, 233 Shaftesbury Avenue, London WC2H 8EE. Tel: 020 7010 8000. Fax: 020 7010 8100. Further information about OC&C and its activities can be found on the World Wide Web at www.occstrategy.com. {{FEATURES }}