Interbrew has unveiled the first ad campaign for Bass ale for seven years.

The campaign centres on outdoor posters that will be sited in London and the south-east in a £3m push.
Tim Bertin, MD of confectionery importer and marketer Sweet Cred, makes an unusual claim for his company’s sweet and toy combinations when he describes them as “very healthy given that children are more likely to use the toy than the sweet”.

The range, which was launched in June, includes such novelty lines as liquid candy spray pens and ear-shaped packs of Ear Wax fruit gel, complete with a cotton bud-style ‘spoon’. Other offerings aimed at the target audience, which spans very young children to teenagers, include Wrist Lickers boiled sweets on a watch strap and Cuties hand-painted porcelain doll and lolly sets.

The toys and dolls change every few months to add a ‘collectability’ factor to the range, with products retailing at about £1.10 each.

The company Sweet Cred evolved from the team that brought Red Devil energy drink to market in 1998.

The brand’s sale to Britvic in August last year prompted a search for new arenas for the Kent-based outfit.

The sweet and toy combinations are available in independent stores and have listings abroad, including in Spain, South Africa, Greece, Kazakhstan, Lebanon and Kenya.

Plans are also underway to develop a Sweet Cred gang, comprising four characters and a dog, for the Wrist Lickers’ watch strap.n Product: novelty sweet and toy combinations

n Company: Sweet Cred

nLaunch date: June 2003