Panasonic has sparked off a power struggle by launching a new Digital Xtreme Power battery, specifically for digital equipment.
It follows Duracell’s launch of its Plus and Ultra M3 batteries, and aims to lead a charge powering the increasingly popular digital cameras and MP3 players.
Panasonic claimed that toy cars drive faster and cameras shoot quicker with its battery than with those of competitors such as Duracell Plus.
This is thanks to new Oxyride vacuum-pouring technology that means more electrolyte can be inserted into the battery so that it delivers up to three times more energy than standard alkaline offerings in energy-
sapping digital equipment, Panasonic said.
“Our answer has been to develop Oxyride battery technology. Its impressive performance has been the result of a double breakthrough in technology, the innovative use of materials and the development of a new production process,” said Simon Eves, general manager of Panasonic’s consumer battery division. He added that the rapid sales growth in digital equipment had prompted the need for a more powerful battery.
“Independent tests with Digital Extreme Power in the camera, allowed up to three times as many pictures to be taken than with today’s typical alkaline batteries.”
Panasonic is also relaunching its standard alkaline batteries under the Xtreme Power name, with increased capacity which gives a CD player up to 15% more playing time. The launches have new packaging and are being backed by its biggest ever marketing spend of more than £1m in advertising.
Digital Xtreme Batteries come in AA and AAA sizes with an rsp of £4.99 for a four-pack.
Helen Gregory