Procter and Gamble is hoping to make pantyliners an everyday item by bringing out an Alldays Black version intended for use with black underwear. And it is continuing the sector's move from coy blue liquid' style or white lycra and roller skates ad campaigns. The product's controversial ad, which is due to reach cinema screens shortly, has been rejected for TV because it "might cause offence". It shows a couple undressing in UV light. The girl suddenly realised that her boyfriend has noticed her white pantyliner shining through her black underwear and she hides behind a mirror. The strapline is, Should have worn Alldays Black'. Colour is the only product benefit mentioned. P&G's current Always campaign, Kimberly-Clark's Kotex Red Dot ads and Accantia s new Lil-lets' series, also eschew traditionally patronising sanitary towel images. {{P&P }}