Have you ever looked at someone and thought that they've got the perfect job? Take Yanik, my French paragliding instructor. Perched on a grassy ledge with him 3,500ft above a valley, with the sun beating down and the chatter of crickets made for a perfect day - for me.

Yanik, on the other hand, was not having a good day. There are times for making announcements, but this was not one of them.

The basic premise of tandem paragliding is that you both strap yourselves to a parachute and run towards a cliff edge. By the time you reach the edge the parachute should be sufficiently inflated to catch a thermal air current so that you float on the up-draft, just like an eagle.

We strapped in, we ran, we jumped, and we... floated. Well, kind of. While others enjoyed the spectacular vista of hundreds of miles of mountains, rivers and Alpine glaciers, we fought to stay in the air. Yanik couldn't find a thermal for love or money, and bearing in mind we were this high up I was prepared to offer him both. Then came his announcement:

"I don't think I'm cut out for this, I just can't do it anymore!" Cue the most important, and potentially last, neuro-linguistic programming session of my life.

No matter how it may appear to others, if your job is not right for you, you could be taking others down with you.

Most people I meet while life-coaching live at a comfortable five on a scale from one to ten, making slow, steady progress towards nowhere in particular, all with a vague feeling that there must be something more to life than what they currently have.

Here is a simple exercise to find your passion - a first step in the process of transforming your life...

1. Make two lists: 'things that

energise me' and 'things that

drain me'.

Example: energise me - inspirational people, exercising, developing ideas. Drain me - doing my accounts, writing articles (!), being let down.

2. Fill in the lists and aim for at least ten items on each.

3. Starting immediately, find ways to do more things on your energiser list and eliminate or reduce time spent on tasks on your energy drain list. This will increase your day-to-day energy levels and you will quickly feel more positive and enthusiastic.

4. Pick out any patterns that emerge from your list. These are the key to being able to find and live your passion regardless of your


Find and ignite your passion, then jump! You'll be amazed how high you can fly.

Ali Campbell is a life coach and NLP master