The Phileas Fogg brand is embarking on a fresh adventure in an attempt to reclaim its position as one of the nation's best-loved snacking products.

Owner UBUK is giving the brand a complete overhaul from next month to reinforce the brand's premium positioning. It is introducing what it describes as more authentic flavours across its tortillas, crackers and poppadoms ranges, as well as creating a new premium bread snacks range.

The brand, which was inspired by the global travels of Phileas Fogg in the Jules Verne story Around the World in 80 Days, will retain its strong links with the character and build on its heritage rather than taking a more modern route. New style packs will carry black and white images of the top-hatted traveller as he navigates the globe and will also feature the iconic hot air balloon drawing.

The new line-up will consist of seven variants - three tortillas, two breads, one cracker and one poppadom product. The tortillas come in Cool Casa sour cream & chive, Spikin' Lime with poppy seeds and Chili con Queso with green chillies and Monterey Jack cheese, while the crackers come in Teriyaki flavour and the poppadoms in Kalonji (black onion) Seed.

The premium bread range - a departure for the brand to give it a more European flavour - comes in Brie & Onion Toasts and Black Olive & Pesto Crostini. All products will hit the shelves next month (priced £1.29 and £1.59).

Phileas Fogg became a household name in the UK in the 1980s and was instrumental in the rise of premium, adult snacking in the UK with its tortilla chips. However, the brand has failed to keep up with competition from Walkers' Sensations range and from the UBUK-owned McCoy's brand, which entered the tortilla category in April.

UBUK said Phileas Fogg would target the super premium end of the market, designed to be bought with a bottle of wine for an indulgent night in rather than to be shared with friends. It has already secured listings in the new Harrods 102 convenience store in London.