Barbecues and the colour red are what consumers will associate with Pimm’s this year, according to Diageo, which has outlined its summer 2005 plans for the brand. 

The increased association with barbecues this year reflects Diageo’s long-term strategy to give the brand a friendlier image and to negate any connotations of it being a bit ‘posh and formal,’ according to Pimm’s brand manager Candice Burton. 

The big focus on barbecues and the summer season extends strongly into the off-trade with a wider retailer distribution of the one-litre pre-mix bottle. The pre-mix bottles – also available packed with jugs included – and cans are also being revamped with bolder red packaging. “The pre-mix has been excellent for capturing new consumers as they have more in common with the average RTD buyer – younger and less affluent. There is only a 2% overlap of consumers who buy both, so it is a new level of consumer,” said Chris Goddard, off-trade manager for Pimm’s. 

Diageo is giving Pimm’s a big £4m advertising push over the summer, including TV adverts from April 20 which will continue to feature the popular Harry character with the slogan, ‘Anyone for Pimm’s?’ 

Radio advertising also starts on April 20 on Virgin and Capital Radio, along with a hotline telephone number and the launch of a new web site –

The radio ads, along with tasting sessions in a range of retailers for an estimated 100,000 consumers, will be ‘thermi-activated’, which means they can be cancelled or arranged a week in advance if the weather changes.
Other seasonal promotions for the summer drink include cooler jackets on the pre-mix variants and ‘Painting the town red’ promotional material for retailers, such as banners, T-shirts and pallet shrouds.